Terms and Conditions Brixia Reptiles

Read carefully our rules for an optimal success of the event.

The event opens at 9.00 am on Sunday and closes at 6.00 pm


Adults €14.00

Children up to 13 years free

Invalids: Free

Affiliated association members  10.00 €

Free parking

Exhibition space reservation

This registration is to reserve one or more places for the expo. To reserve one or more tables it is necessary to  filling out the appropriate form with personal information. Payment must be made ​​in advance. The payment details will be sent via e-mail. The reservation  ll’ be confirmed only after payment of the same. Once paid, the tables ARE NOT REFUNDABLE

In case of cancellation WITHIN 30 DAYS of the event, the credit can be used in the next edition. This sum is reduced by 20% max 50 € as secretarial expense / rental etc

. Every place is formed from a table of 2,00×0,70 m

The tables are nominal and are not transferable.

Each table costs 40 € rates included

For technical reasons, the layout of the fair as well as the layout of individual exhibitors may be subject to change without prior notice by the Staff

Organizers can refuse booking due to overcrowding of exhibitors of the same product, or due violations of the rules in previous editions.

Table resevations

The exhibitors will receive the following passes:

  • 1-3 Tables – 2 Passes
  • 4-5 Tables – 3 Passes
  • 6-8 Tables – 4 Passes
  • 9-12 Tables – 5 Passes
  • Setup for the exhibitors
  • saturday 14.00-19.00, Sunday 7.00-9.00
  • The tables not occupied until the opening to the public will be handed to others according to our waiting list. If being late, please contact the organizers otherwise complaints will not be accepted.
  • For each exhibition stand will have a 220 V industrial socket Any extension cords / multi-sockets / adapters must be brought by the exhibitor. On request it is possible to rent free of charge on site against a deposit of € 20 / each
  • The fair closes at 18.00, but remains open for the dismantling of the stands until 20.00.

During Reptiles Day selling or purchasing live animals is only possible under determinate limitations

  • Vertebrates, invertebrates, plants, books and accessories can be offered for sale during the event. Endangered species (CITES, Bern etc.) must have valid documents when sold.
  • Animals showing evident or possible signs of any kind of illness must be removed immediately from the table.
  • each exhibitor is responsible for any transgressions of his and his employees, helpers, even if the competent authorities provide to sanction, in civil or criminal proceedings, the non-compliance with national, regional, local laws.
  • The animals for sale should be handled with care avoiding unnecessary disturbance. The animals for sale must be exposed. In display cages, terrariums or fauna boxes, a single animal (max one pair) in each enclosure. Invertebrates such as phasmid millipedes, ornamental insects and live food are excluded. The containers must meet the following minimum requirements:
    1. Sufficient ventilation, lighting and heating. The container must be shielded at least on 3 sides to reduce stress.
    2. Clean substrate adapted to the absorption of secretion and suitable for the need of the given species
    3. The dimensions of the container should make it possible for the animal to turn around without difficulty. Dimensions:
      • For snakes: the circumference of the container must be equal or advanced the length of the animal
      • For lizards: at least one and the half of the length of the animal
      • For turtles: double of the diameter of the carapace
      • For amphibians: each side at least triple of the length of the animal
    4. For the duration of the expo animals must have fresh water if necessary for the given species
    5. The containers must be labelled as follows:
      • Name of the breeder
      • Name of the species (scientific name and Italian or English common name if exists)
      • Origin (wild catch, captive born, farm hatched)
      • Price of the animal
      • In case of protected and endangered species the classification of protection according to local or regional regulations (CITES, Bern etc.)
      • Approximate dimensions when fully grown up
      • Secretion toxicity If typical of the given species
  • Exhibitors are obliged to stay until closing and cannot dismantle before 6 pm on Sunday evening.
  • Exhibitors must comply with tax laws from both the country of origin and the Italian ones. Compliance with the regulations in force on itinerant trade, is the sole responsibility of those who carry it out
  • All exhibitors arriving with live animals must comply with the regulations on the transport of live animals, and the health regulations for trade and imports into the European Community. (TRACES, Veterinary Certificate).
  • The mammals (small rodents) will be assigned to dedicated islands. Exhibitors who will come with both mammals and reptiles will be placed in the mammals area.



Forbidden to sell and expose or to carry into the Expo animals which are included the Decree ministerial: 19-4-1996, 15-5-2001, 03-7-2003 and in the LIST OF INVASIVE SPECIES ( EU regulation n° 1143/2014)

  • Turtles: Macroclemys Temmincki, Mauremys Caspica, Chelydra Serpentine
  • Crocodilians: all the species
  • Gila monster: Heloderma ssp.
  • Monitors: all the species
  • Boids: Eunectes Murinus, Python reticulatus
  • True vipers: all the species
  • Elapids: all the species
  • Crotalids: all the species
  • Colubrids: Atractaspis all the species, Thelotornis Kirtlandii, Dispholidus Typus
  • Spiders:
  • Suborder Mygalomorphae (Orthognatha)


Genus Trechona (all the species)


Genus Atrax (all the species)

Hadronyche (all the species)

Macrothele (all the species)


Genus Missulena (all the species)


Genus Harpactirella (all the species)

Suborder Labidognatha (Araneomorfi)

  1. Family MITURGIDAE
  2. Genus Cheiracanthium (all the species)
  3. Family CTENIDAE
  4. Genus Ctenus (all the species)
  5. Phoneutria (all the species)
  6. Family SICARIIDAE
  7. Genus Loxosceles (all the species)
  8. Sicarius (tutte le specie)
  10. Genus Latrodectus (all the species)
  • Scorpions:
    1. Family BUTHIDAE
    2. Genus: everyone
    4. Genus Nebo (all the species)
    5. Family SCORPIONIDAE
    6. Genus Hemiscorpius (all the species)

Invasive species

Trachemis  scripta spp

Lampropeltis getula sp

Xenopus laevis

The sale of products unsuitable for the correct housing of animals and products not related to permitted animals is prohibited (plastic turtle tanks with palm trees, products for dogs, cats, bird aviaries, etc.)

We inform you that the only accompanying animal allowed at the fair (for both exhibitors and the public) is exclusively the dog.

Brixia reptiles is not liable for theft/damage during the event