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Tutti i colori della solidarietà

Noi Per Brescia

The Noi per Brescia Association was born after a commitment of over twenty years from the need to be close to separated parents and especially their children, the weak link.

Associazione Padovana Acquariologica Erpetologica


APAE, the Paduan Association of Aquariology and Herpetology, was founded in Padua in 1989, with the specific intention, on the one hand, of spreading the passion for aquariology and herpetology, and on the other, of providing enthusiasts with a place for comparison and exchange of information for serious and conscientious breeding.

Associaxzione no profit
per la salvaguardia delle tartarughe


The Tarta Club Italia is a non-profit naturalistic association for the protection of turtles, founded in 2002 .
The aims of the association are
promote the conservation of species, both in the wild and in captivity.